7 Reasons Why Organic Search Traffic is the Best Lead Generator Ever

  1. They are visiting your site because they are looking for something specific and a search engine directed them to your site. This makes them highly qualified and far more likely to engage with you to become a true sales lead than a visitor who clicked an ad or followed a link.
  2. Sales leads from organic search are 4x more likely to become actual customers than all other types of leads. Don't believe me? Take it from the experts.
  3. Organic search, once it begins to send traffic to your website, tends to continue to do so, and increasingly so, if you continue to add fresh content as you have been doing. Traffic coming from online ads, in contrast, stops the moment you stop buying ads.
  4. The gift that keeps on giving: As high quality, original content on your website ages, it becomes more valuable and more likely to attract organic search traffic. That's because more and more links get pointed to it over time. If the content is of any interest to begin with.
  5. You continue to own the content that attracted the visitor to your website. Any content on the Internet is owned by whoever controls the domain name it sits on. For example, if you add an article to LinkedIn, Facebook or elsewhere, the owner of the respective domain will harvest the most value from that content, even if you wrote it.
  6. It has become harder and harder to generate organic search traffic to any website, for many reasons, which means when you do get such a visitor, it is now more valuable than ever. Search users trust Google and their organic search results more than any ads or online recommendations.
  7. Your web presence is very likely in excellent shape if search engines are listing your web page in organic search results. It's a strong signal that you are doing many of the right things.
  8. Once you begin to get some organic search traffic, it gets much easier to continue doing so. As visitors click a link to your web page, search engines increase their consideration of your entire website for future search result placements.
  9. Most companies have to rely on non-organic means to generate sales leads. If organic search is working for you, you are probably in the top, small minority of organizations in your market space, at least with respect to search traffic on the web.

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