Our Guarantee

With Scanlan and Associates, we don't ask you for a dime to build a new website for you. You only pay the low monthly rental for the use of it, and the support we give you, for as long as you wish. You can cancel it and walk away at any time, even taking the website with you.

If after three months, or thirteen months or three years, you decide for any reason, you no longer want the website, you can simply cancel the subscription, and you will not pay a dime more. We switch off the website and call it a day.

  • No charge for developing the website.
  • Fixed monthly subscription price.
  • Includes static content, template, Google+ integration, Social Media integration, SEO setup (everything except blogging, which is up to you), backup, hosting, upgrades, Google Analytics, and many, many more elements that make up a complete web presence.
  • We will never raise your monthly subscription price as long as you remain current.
  • You keep complete ownership of your domain names, graphics, blog postings, and any other content you add to your website.
  • You can move your website content to a different provider if you wish, and cancel your subscription with us at any time. That's how confident we are that you will be happy with our service.

There are many more benefits. 

We are so confident we can deliver to you a high value web presence and web platform for your business, we can give you a guarantee like this. That is why we are willing to do so much work up-front. We know you will stick with us, and we will get paid for that up-front work eventually. We take the risk, and you keep your money to invest elsewhere in your business. If we fail to deliver, you can pull the plug.