Creating a website is a lot more complicated than it used to be

From simplicity to complexity

A hundred years ago, inventors were often individuals working alone. Emerging technologies were simple enough to fit into one person's head, and it was often possible for a sole individual to bring a entire new, groundbreaking product to market singlehandedly. Think of the lightbulb, penecillin, the first airplane, dynamite and if you go back far enough, the wheel. Although many inventors had partners or assistants, it was simple enough for one person to do. Think about how simple a lightbulb is compared to, let's say, a Boeing 787.

The Perfection Trap: Why Most Website Projects Get Bogged Down and Fail to Deliver

You can't get wet from the word water

It's a dichotomy. Every organization wants to protect their brand image by having a great website, but staying on the drawing board until their objet d'art is perfect both loses an opportunity and costs a lot of money.