Every client is unique

The last eight years of serving businesses has taught us that every business, when it comes to the Web, has different needs. Some depend heavily on their web presence to deliver a steady flow of new leads, while others use their website simply as an online brochure. It's all in the details, of course, so we at Scanlan and Associates build every new web presence with the uniqueness of your business in mind.

For some clients, they want us to build their website, make it work beautifully on all devices — from small cellphones to big desktops — and build out all the social media hooks so that they, our client, can write blog entries, tweet tweets and post links to Facebook. Other clients want us to take care of all that for them. That means writing blog entries, posting regularly to their most important social media communities, gathering leads generated, and keeping their Internet presence humming while our client runs their business.

That's why we have three plans.

Three Plans

Prices are per month

Solo Plan $169

Social Service +$425

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  • 4 blog posts
  • 4 Facebook links and 4 Follows
  • 4 Twitter tweets and 4 Follows
  • 4 LinkedIn links
  • At least 4 Google+ links and 4 Follows
  • 1 email burst to subscriber list

Social Service Pro +$825

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  • 10 blog posts
  • 10 Facebook links
  • 10 Twitter tweets
  • 10 LinkedIn links
  • At least 10 Google+ links and 10 followers
  • 1 email bursts to subscriber list
  • 1 press release